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I am a passionate social studies educator who believes the history classroom should be filled with intrigue, debate, and creativity. After being educated in the world of boring lectures and generic worksheets, I entered the teaching profession over ten years ago with an itch to make history come alive for students. Slowly I created activities to make history more relatable; through CSI investigations, in-class simulations, and structured debate exercises, my classroom quickly became the most popular in the building. Now, I am here to help your classroom become just as exciting.

As a full-time educator and content-creator, all of my resources come with years of experience that support their success. They come tested (and perfected) in order to heighten student engagement, increase comprehension, and instill that same love of passion that I’ve had my entire life. It is time to throw away the textbook and the boring lecture, and embrace the student-centered approach to make history come alive. With a strict adherence to the essential content, and an even deeper focus on providing a challenging and authentic learning experience, I am honored to serve you and your students’ needs. I cannot wait to meet you!


Wow, I am so glad that I bought this at the start of the school year! It’s my first time teaching U.S. history, and I use these lessons to breathe life into my district curriculum activities. Some of these (like the Constitution scavenger hunt) also make awesome pre-planned sub activities. Even though I don’t use every activity, I consider it money well-spent to know I have all these lessons ready to go if and when I want them. This packet has been a life-saver

-Red P.

Thank you for this! As a newbie it’s a life-saver! The activities are engaging and provide excellent content.

-Brandy C.

This is a wonderful resource. It explanation of the 5 themes of geography is very thorough, and easy to understand. I am excited to teach with my students.
– Dawn Z.
Best resource on the internet for this topic!
– Bow Tie Guy History
This was a great way to get higher level thinking out of a topic that is typically dominated by pots and notes. LOVED IT!
– Katherine H.
Looks great. I’m looking forward to doing it with my 8th graders at the end of the year!
– Lisa V.
Wow! This was my first Escape Room and my kids and I LOVED it! I teach 7th grd Soc. Studies. The kids who had a bit of a natural ability at figuring things out loved helping those who needed it. The directions were very detailed and lined out well! I will be making more purchases from Mr. E…Thank you for a great, quality product.
– April H.
These interactive notebooks are great for student based learning.
– Nicholas C.
If I could give this 6 stars I would. My students loved it.
– Amanda V.
Love it! Can’t wait to use all of this when we reach this unit! Thank you, Mr. Educator, for having items like this to assist a first year teacher!

-Mr Business Social Studies:

My students and I loved this unit, especially the stations! Thank you! — I will be purchasing your other units!
-Courtney L.
An awesome resource-I like that it allowed me to pick and choose the different topics I wanted to discuss. Thank you!
-Ashley P.
This has so many resources! One of my favorite sellers on TPT because the lessons are so interactive and comprehensive. You’ll be able to reach your students on many different levels.
– Evangelina S.
Extremely thankful for not only this incredible resource, but by the prompt response of Mr. E and his genuine understanding. Would recommend 110%!

– Laura D.

This is my first year teaching 6th and 7th grades, and these will be a huge help. Thanks!

– Cristina J.

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