World and American History intrigue-based resources, crime scene investigations, debates, interactive notebooks, and primary source analysis place (and keep) students in the control of their learning.


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I am a passionate social studies educator who believes the history classroom should be filled with intrigue, debate, and creativity. After being educated in the world of boring lectures and generic worksheets, I entered the teaching profession over ten years ago with an itch to make history come alive for students. Slowly I created activities to make history more relatable; through CSI investigations, in-class simulations, and structured debate exercises, my classroom quickly became the most popular in the building. Now, I am here to help your classroom become just as exciting.

As a full-time educator and content-creator, all of my resources come with years of experience that support their success. They come tested (and perfected) in order to heighten student engagement, increase comprehension, and instill that same love of passion that I’ve had my entire life. It is time to throw away the textbook and the boring lecture, and embrace the student-centered approach to make history come alive. With a strict adherence to the essential content, and an even deeper focus on providing a challenging and authentic learning experience, I am honored to serve you and your students’ needs. I cannot wait to meet you!


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